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Scarnatti™ Mattress Compression Bag

Scarnatti™ Mattress Compression Bag

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Maximize convenience with Scarnatti™ Mattress Compression Bag, ideal for memory foam and inner-spring mattresses. Easily compress your mattress to its original packed size for effortless moving or returns. Whether your mattress is single (width 80cm-100cm) or double (width 120cm-200cm) easily compress your mattress within seconds.

  • Effortless Compression: Utilize vacuum seal technology to shrink your mattress to a fraction of its size, just like when it was delivered. 
  • Robust Protection: The airtight seal guards against moisture, dust, and dirt. Featuring a double zip seal, this bag ensures your mattress remains pristine.
  • High-Quality Material: Crafted from durable PE+PA material, our vacuum bag is tear-resistant and built to last. Featuring an upgraded high-performance valve and an innovative double-seal zipper, it offers moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, and tear resistance, all while being reusable.
  • Reusable Convenience: Designed for multiple uses, this eco-friendly option can be reused for various moves, offering significant savings. Its reusable components ensure long-term utility.

Whether you're relocating, returning, or simply storing your mattress, our Scarnatti™ Mattress Compression Bag is essential for preserving the quality of your mattress.

Which size is right for you?

 Mattress Size Model
Below 80cm in width and 220cm in height Single
80cm x 190cm
80cm x 200cm Single
80cm x 210cm Single
80cm x 220cm Single
90cm x 190cm Single
90cm x 200cm Single
90cm x 210cm Single
90cm x 220cm Single
100cm x 190cm Single
100cm x 200cm Single
100cm x 210cm Single
100cm x 220cm Single
120cm x 190cm Double
120cm x 200cm Double
120cm x 210cm Double
120cm x 220cm Double
140cm x 190cm Double
140cm x 200cm Double
140cm x 210cm Double
140cm x 220cm Double
150cm x 190cm Double
150cm x 200cm Double
150cm x 210cm Double
150cm x 220cm Double
160cm x 190cm Double
160cm x 200cm Double
160cm x 210cm Double
160cm x 220cm Double
180cm x 190cm Double
180cm x 200cm Double
180cm x 210cm Double
180cm x 220cm Double
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