About Us


Crafting Comfort for Over Four Decades

Welcome to Scarnatti Mattresses, where tradition meets innovation in the art of crafting perfect sleep experiences. For more than 40 years, we've dedicated ourselves to not just making mattresses, but to creating sanctuaries for sleep. With generations of knowledge coupled with the constant pursuit of perfection, we've remained at the forefront of mattress craftsmanship, delivering unparalleled comfort to homes like yours.

Designed In-House: Expertise Meets Innovation

At the heart of Scarnatti Mattresses lies our in-house design team, a group of experts who embody decades of experience in ergonomic design, material science, and the subtle art of comfort. They are the visionaries who transform ideas into the perfect sleep solutions. Each mattress is the result of extensive research and design, ensuring every curve supports, every layer breathes, and every stitch is sewn with precision.

Commitment to Quality Materials

We believe that a mattress should be as enduring as it is comfortable. That’s why we insist on top-notch quality materials. From the memory foam that contours to your body, to the breathable fabrics that wisp away moisture, every material is selected with your ultimate comfort in mind. Our commitment to quality is unwavering because we know that the finest sleep is built on the foundation of superior materials.

Safety as a Priority

Your safety is our responsibility, and we honor that commitment at every turn. All Scarnatti Mattresses products proudly adhere to the highest standards of safety and are certified by industry-leading agencies. Our rigorous testing ensures that our mattresses are not only comfortable but also free from harmful chemicals. Sleep should be a refuge, and with our certified products, you can rest easy knowing that your well-being is safeguarded.

Environmental Stewardship

Our dedication to the environment is as strong as our dedication to sleep. We understand that caring for the planet is a reflection of our care for you and future generations. That’s why Scarnatti Mattresses has embraced eco-friendly packaging solutions. Our innovative roll-packing method reduces the use of plastics and cartons, significantly lessening our ecological footprint. It’s a choice that not only makes sense for the environment but also ensures our mattresses are easier to transport and set up.

Here for You: Around the Clock

At Scarnatti Mattresses, you are the core of our mission. We've cultivated a culture of genuine care that extends beyond the sale of a mattress. Our cheerful customer service team is emblematic of our company's heart. Ready and eager to assist with your inquiries, and concerns, or even if you need advice on choosing the perfect mattress, they are available 24/7. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we're here to ensure that your journey to a perfect night's sleep is as seamless as the comfort you’ll experience on one of our mattresses.

Welcome to the Scarnatti Family

Choosing Scarnatti Mattresses is more than a purchase—it's an investment in quality sleep and a partnership with a company that truly cares. From our hands to your home, we are honored to be a part of your life’s moments and memories. Welcome to the Scarnatti family, where every stitch is sewn with care, and every mattress tells a story of comfort, safety, and sustainability.

Join the Legacy

We invite you to explore our collection and find the mattress that speaks to your body’s unique needs. Let Scarnatti Mattresses be your guide to a world of restful nights and rejuvenated mornings. With us, your journey to the perfect sleep starts here.

For forty years, we’ve been here, we’ve cared, and we’ve crafted. Here’s to many more decades of delivering the sleep of your dreams.