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Scarnatti™ Comfort Silver Memory Foam Pillow (30x50x8/11cm)

Scarnatti™ Comfort Silver Memory Foam Pillow (30x50x8/11cm)

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Experience unparalleled comfort with the Scarnatti™ Comfort Silver Memory Foam Pillow. Expertly crafted to provide ultimate comfort, this pillow is more than just a place to rest your head; it's an innovation in sleep technology.

  • Adaptive Height Adjustment: Scarnatti™ Comfort pillow offers two different heights to perfectly cradle your neck, head, and shoulders. This adaptability helps in easing breathing, reducing snoring, and alleviating neck pain, ensuring a peaceful sleep experience.
  • Breathable Aloe Vera Cover: Unlike traditional pillows, the Scarnatti™ Comfort pillow incorporates a special aloe vera cover, enhancing breathability and comfort. This thoughtful design ensures a fresh and pleasant sleep experience.
  • Silver Memory Foam: Made from skin-friendly silver memory foam, the Scarnatti™ Comfort pillow provides exceptional pressure relief. Its slow-rebounding nature maintains the pillow's shape, offering proper support for your head, neck, and shoulders.
  • Ergonomic Design: The high and low curved surfaces at both ends of the pillow cater to various sleeping preferences, facilitating easier breathing and a more comfortable slumber.
  • Washable for Longevity: With a removable zippered cover for easy washing, this pillow is designed to last. The external AloeVera cover is washable, preventing stains and prolonging the life of your cervical foam cushion, while the inner cotton cover keeps the foam clean and breathable.
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Silver memory foam

At it's core, the Scarnatti™ Comfort Silver Memory Foam Pillow is made up from high-grade anti-bacterial & anti-microbial silver memory foam. Sleep well knowing your pillow is taking care of your health.

Aloe vera infusion

The washable pillowcase of the Scarnatti™ Comfort Silver Memory Foam Pillow is infused with aloe vera extract, preventing unwanted odors and ensuring a fresh sleeping experience every night. Its highly breathable fabric enhances air circulation, contributing to a consistently cool and comfortable sleep environment.

Pressure relief

The Scarnatti™ Comfort Silver Memory Foam Pillow provides superior pressure relief by evenly distributing weight applied and contouring to the head, neck, and shoulders. Its high-quality silver memory foam adjusts to movements, alleviating pressure points for a more comfortable, restful sleep.


The Scarnatti™ Comfort Silver Memory Foam Pillow features height adjustability and an ergonomic design, catering to different sleep preferences and postures. Its unique structure supports proper spinal alignment, enhancing overall sleep comfort and reducing potential neck and shoulder strain.